In 2017 Lindfield Arts Festival had one of its most successful years ever. Almost 4000 local people came to celebrate the Arts in all its diversity.   With exhibitions, workshops and performing arts – the Festival had it all. But none of this happened magically on its own. It took a team of

All Saints Church is Part of LAF2017!

All Saints Church in Lindfield is hosting a Jazz band and an art exhibition over the duration of the festival. The church is an integral part of out local village so do make some time over the festival to check out the entertainment.  Jazz evening  "Sat The Roots of Jazz"

Limepalm Drama with Susie Leppard is at LAF2017!

Limepalm Productions deliver fun, creative drama classes for primary school aged children. At Drama Club we aim to help your child build self-confidence, communication skills and meet other children in a safe, relaxed, informal and creative environment.  Games and imaginative play explore drama and movement, speaking and listening and associated theatre arts. Course

Chelsea Hart is a Headline Comedy Act at LAF2017!

Chelsea Hart hails from Alaska. Having been a street performer for 3 years, she performed in 30 countries around the world. She has since performed stand up in Norway, Germany, France the U.K., and most recently headlined a small tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina with her hour show "Chelsea Loves

Cavan Wood “Now that’s what I call Poetry” will be at LAF2017!

" Now that's what I call poetry"   This is designed to make you well informed about twenty of the most important poems ever written. Will your favourite be there?   Cavan  Wood will perform and explain why they matter. Lindfield URC at 1-2pm Saturday September 9th. " Charles Dickens and

Kirlian ‘hand aura’ photography will be at LAF2017!

'Nigel and Susie Hutchings of Fullspectrum Homoeopathic and Hypnotherapy Centre are offering Kirlian photographs on Saturday 9th September at the Lindfield Arts Festival’s Day Go to  to find out what it is all about. If you would like your kirlian 'aura' photograph and reading with Odette Volpeliere-Pierrot, our experienced and gifted kirlian reader pop

SalsaJulia will be at LAF2017!

SalsaJulia provides salsa lessons, courses, workshops and parties for all levels of salsa dancer in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  With regular lesson nights in the Mid-Sussex area, we specialise in providing structured courses for absolute beginners, improvers and intermediate level dancers. Our course-system provides the best possible foundation for learning

The Rosellys will be Performing at LAF2017!

"The Rosellys are a band who make no apology for their love of Americana. Musically, they blend English accents with lyrical references to both the UK and US alongside stunning pedal steel and fiddle to create a sound that walks the fine line between Celtic folk and Americana" - Nashville

Lee Foulger is Exhibiting at LAF2017!

Lee Foulger is a Fine Art and conceptual photographer who graduated from Falmouth University 3 years ago and has been studying photography since 2007. While at college he found his style, focussing chiefly on quirky portraits and addressing themes and concepts that he found interesting and prevalent to this time.

Daniel Searle is our Headline Poet for LAF2017!

Daniel Searle writes poetry about what he's had for lunch at work, trousers, looking like Simon Pegg, his chronic inability to stack dishes on the draining rack, and Southern Rail, amongst other topics. Born in Yorkshire and now based in Brighton, he has performed at poetry and comedy events across the South and one